Music Appreciation

The winter of 1979 a group would meet at Leigh Cross’s house once a week for some education in music.¬† Leigh (graduate of Julliard) took us from the earliest music to present day. This was the final wrap up party. A winter well spent!

Uldis Arajs , Chris Weixelbaumer, Michael Smith, Kathi Linnman, Helen Gerow, Bob Cain, Karin Ristau, Carol Martin, Mary Mackenzie, Margo Thom, David Gerow, David Yuill, Leigh Cross.

4 thoughts on “Music Appreciation”

  1. OK that is such a huge wow!!!
    What a trip in time
    And what lovely faces to see again!
    Thank you Bob

  2. Great photo, Bob! Those were wonderful evenings together: friendships, music and learning so much with Leigh. But, oh my…..coming up to forty (40) years ago!?

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