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  1. I started working on the hornby ferry in 1975, and sunday afternoons, Albert would come down for afternoon tea, after he would come up to the wheelhouse for a couple of round trips and we would tell sea stories

  2. lovely photo and wonderful stories from everyone. imagine them coming back for one car…….as it should still be.

  3. Leo was great. Very friendly. He was always curious; asking what we were carrying back from town. More than once looking in my rear view mirror I saw him peaking beneath the tarp in the back of my truck.

  4. Such lovely reminiscenes , Doctor Mary said i should go to Betty Smith”s ladies afternoon. I didn’t learn to weave but it was so warm and friendly and so many good stories being told, I loved it!

  5. there are still island residents that wont talk to me because
    i’ve only been here for fifty years, but i have to say they don’t
    include the Savoie Clan. the last ferry at buckley bay, a dark blustery september 30th, 1967, was running late, and by the
    time i had made my maiden flight across denman the hornby
    ferry had left and was half-way across. the prospect of being
    stranded on denman island was, as any right-thinking person
    would agree, even today, not a pleasant one. and then, the
    llttle ferry turned into the wind and came about and back
    for me. i was their only car. Albert and Leo. i stayed.

  6. The first person to speak to us was Leo. We were coming to find a place to rent. He said “You will like it here. There is a ladies sewing circle”. This didn’t sound exciting to me however I did find out later that the sewing circle was in fact the weavers in Betty Smith’s recreation room. So many happy memories of meeting the weavers and all the friendships that came out of that room.

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