4 thoughts on “Another Picnic”

  1. Yes, Bruce. That is Dad (Walter Schmidt) standing in the back row. I think the woman sitting in front of him is Marg Schmidt who was married to Dad’s brother, Ed. On the right are Bill and Annie Schmidt with Patsy on her mother’s lap.

  2. Hi Annie..would love to know if any of these kids are my siblings or even if I’m in the picture! Thanks for posting these old pictures, Bob. It was wonderful to see my mom and dad in a photo that looks like it was taken in the early 30’s. What a great
    nice surprise.
    Arlene de Pape

  3. Hi Bob, Catholic Picnic in front of the church before the road got changed from the beach. Father Bradley is on one side, Uncle Albert, George , Granny Savoie. The church first wedding was in 1950( my parents) so I am thinking this may have been before that. I will ask Jimmy is those are Depape girls too. Annie

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