My Ride

London 1965

A Fordson. Bought it in anticipation of our trip around Europe. Here I’m driving on the correct side of the road. Soon I’d be driving on the wrong side. Car caused lots of problems but, luckily, I was young and stupid.

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  1. Although born and raised in England I do not ever recall seeing this specific vehicle model – relatively rare, I suspect. No passenger doors, which is strange. The most interesting thing is the indicator light system – no blinking lights at the front and back of the vehicle, but rather the little vertical box just behind your head Bob, with one on each side. A little yellow lit arrow would spring out of the box to point in the direction you intended to turn, a symbolic version of sticking your arm out of the window.

  2. I think(?) we were all young and stupid then, I was in England and Ireland and then overland on the Orient Express to Greece,with a bunch of Irish students…No, on 2rd thought we were really lucky to live in that time frame.

  3. I had just turned 21. Old enough to drive a car:which I did. And old enough to get married:which I did.

  4. I’m really liking your UK photos. They open the gate to a flood of memories.
    Thank you,

  5. Wow a really cool station wagon. My dad had one of those with Lucas electrics. Always broke down in the rain in the middle of intersections.

  6. Cool looking ride Bob. I’m guessing that British cars then, were not the most dependable vehicles.

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