In 1983 I helped produce ‘The Ebb and Flow’ (Hornby history) by copying a number of prints submitted by old timers. Recently my negatives re-appeared but not accompanied by any notes or prints. For archival purposes I made contact prints and quite a few prints of images that appealed to me. I searched the book for info on these pictures and found a few. (I put any info I’ve found on the blog posts). However if the original notes don’t surface this is all the information i can supply. I do get a lot of help from viewers who supply me with some names and instances.

2 thoughts on “Pose”

  1. Wow! Now THAT is a great family portrait! And if it is Pat on the right side of shot, it explains why she looks familiar.

  2. A guess: Hillier & Isobel Anderson with children Pat (Boulding) & Edward. Similar people to those on pp. 41 & 50. The older woman, ?. Grandma perhaps.

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