9 thoughts on “Hippies”

  1. June, that’s amazing! I imagined Bill having a day off from shirt, shoes, and service. Just a sort of Bill clone, then! So, is it a Tim clone too?

  2. Definitely not Bill. He never wore beads and walked around barefoot. It’s just another of those white haired, bearded guys form the seventies.

  3. Bill Cannon in front, and Tim Biggins(?…left of center, as usual) seem to show that you must mean Barefoot Hippies. Did you always realize these were historical records of the future, as you were shooting them?

  4. I thought it was the Hornby school grounds but it seems there are too many strangers (even for 1977). Perhaps Courtenay? That the problem with allowing photos to be your memory; if there’s no documentation there’s no memory.

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