7 thoughts on “Cleanup”

  1. It was at Aaron and Donna Sues. I mowed the field for them.
    The caravan had permission to travel on the ferry.
    Hogan was a whole other story.! He arrive unannounced having ridden his horse from Manitoba and stated “they let me on the Nanaimo ferry and the Denman ferry so I can go on here”
    I said, here is the deal you can go on to Hornby but that is it, no back and forth, the horse stays on Hornby or goes off in a trailer and as far as I know the horse never walked on the ferry again.

  2. I believe they had to get permission to have the horses on the ferry. Although I remember something about Hogan challenging the government that it was legal to ride a horse onto the ferry, when he was traveling to Vancouver Island, and he won.

  3. I have fond memories of the Caravan but never knew about the ferry pooping. I wonder what the crew thought about it all.

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