When Mr.Morritt (see yesterday’s photo)came by one day he noticed that I didn’t have a proper handle for my hacksaw. So…the next day he brought over his fret saw and explained how to use it. First I made the proper handle. Didn’t know it needed one as I inherited it without a handle.)

“Oh! This is fun” I thought. Maybe I’ll make a super truck.

I couldn’t help myself. Next I made an owl.

Then I made Waves.

7 thoughts on “Small”

  1. Well I’ll be.

    Who knew you were so multipy talented? Awardd-winning photography AND a master woodcraftsman. Must be a Hornby thing….

  2. it’s readily apparent that mr. cain has found his true calling,
    and to that end i am gifting him my scroll saw. he could always,
    if he so wished, give me his no longer needed leica, but no pressure

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