Zip it up!

When I lived in North Vancouver the commute was tiresome. Especially over the Lions Gate Bridge. Although the volunteer participation was a wonder to behold. Everybody followed the rules. Getting on the bridge the commuters would seamlessly merge. Sometimes four lanes down to two or at certain times of the day four lanes down to one!

The Denman West story is slightly different. When getting off the ferry at Buckley Bay the incentive is to get into the left lane as quickly as possible. If you can achieve this before the ramp you get extra points. Merging on the ramp itself is also much admired, The sooner the better. If you’re forced to go all the way to the merge point you are usually greeted with a finger by the person you want  to zipper with.,

One thought on “Zip it up!”

  1. People seem to just take it for granted that you will let them zipper in and there are very few ‘thank you’ waves given.
    Let’s remember to give a ‘thank you’.
    Sure changes my outlook when I am thanked.

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