TCA 810

Probably 1956 or around then. My brother and I would ride out to the airport from Marpole and take pictures.

An update on my post about the airplane crash in 1956. Tw close friends remember the incident. One said he grew up in the area and was reminded by my blog that on the night of the crash he saw a flash in the mountains. The other friend said he remembered the reports and the giant search after the crash.

After I told the author Rien van Tilborg these stories he sent me this:

The flash was seen by a number of people.  One fellow, who lived in Chilliwack, had just come home and as he was hurrying in the pouring rain from his car to the house, he saw the flash.  Light and sound can be distorted in the prevailing weather that night, where the apparent source is actually miles away.

I apologize for my intense interest in this story. I’ll get over it. I promise!