3 thoughts on “Wave Off”

  1. NOPE!!! not over..just .moved over for now to the Boat ramp..beach 96 as we call it..or it it 97..We had a wonderful wave off on Monday Sept 6th ,2021 starting a new tradition..respectfully on the unceded territory of the Komoks nation..and at least 50 people showed up..oldies and newbies..we had music by AT and good chats with each other after 2 years of the covid..rollercoaster
    kept our distant as w do here days.. and met new arrivals to Hornby.. that will be staying the winter after finding Hornby to be a welcoming and beautiful island..so don’t give up on our traditions..we just have to work harder to keep them..
    Thanks Vlad, Elisa,and ferry crew for your continued hard work serving our island all summer ..keeping us safe..and to all of you first line workers..and our artisan community.. restaurant foodies.. and just retired awesome volunteers.. the island feels quiet and peaceful again…..an we even had some long awaited rain.. woo hoo. REMEMBER ..KEEP ON ROCKING IN THE FREE WORKD.!!
    kind regards Michelle

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