Such a heel

Just a quick note to get you up to date on my illness (illnesses?)

I went into the Royal Jubilee hospital in Victoria at 6 A.M. Feb 7.It was an emergency ordered by my surgeon Dr. Ginting as  a partial failure of her previous operation (femoral bypass right side-very complicated operation-5 days in the hospital!) This operation, inserting a filament in the left arm, feeding it down to the groin and expanding a balloon to allow blood passage.
The operation seemed to work but I stayed another day just to be sure. The result was blood returned to my left leg and the pain from lack of oxygen was gone. However, my left foot was in a pretty bad way and it’s regeneration is slow. The surgeon and I had a great discussion before I left for home. The pain I feel in my foot is a combination of previous lack of nourishment(cracking, drying-especially in my heel.) and the presence of stimulating oxygen. The result is unsure. If the blood supply is sufficient then the heel  should heal. If not then a further operation will be necessary. (another 5 day bypass on the left side.
Needless to say I’m keeping my finger crossed.
Kathi, who seldom drives off island was an excellent driver and I got to enjoy the sights of the trip from Victoria to Hornby Island.
Thanks to all of you for your concern. Another positive affirmation of the decision to move to this small community.

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