Getting Personal


My thanks to the Fire Department 1st responders  for showing up and being so cool about it. I hadn’t moved for the time i was waiting because I could feel the blood trying to move out of my forehead.

They managed to get me onto the bed, then into the truck and off to see Maggie who sowed the wound up. Then we were off to the hospital top get  a CTScan. Then home for a nice sleep.

So…thanks to you all for doing such a professional job.

4 thoughts on “Getting Personal”

  1. Hate to see someone I care about getting hurt while break dancing. I think you’ll beat me in the forehead scar contest now Bob. I’m redoing my first responder but don’t do this again. Take care.

  2. Had a bad feeling about no post yesterday and glad to see that floor didn’t damage your sense of humor. Hugs coming your way

  3. Oh my. That’s a nasty floor you’ve got.

    Glad things got looked after do well by the incredible folks on the island.

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