OK, this is my 2022 memory. It’s not complete but, I promise you, these are the best parts.

Ron and I got pretty drunk that night. We ended up with two girls who would take us home. As soon as we got to their apartment they wanted to go to bed. We said OK!!

They put on some long thick gowns, took us into the bedroom and laid us down. I was too drunk to take advantage of the situation (I’m not sure about Ron but I doubt he felt any different). Close to dawn I woke up, reached over to grab the girl. She wacked my hand and that was that.

After a quick breakfast we grabbed a taxi back to the ship and since this was Sunday spent the rest of the day in bed.

The work days were shortened. (There was really nothing to do until the ship was unloaded). Ron and I would head downtown, eat a dinner, then wander the streets just looking around. (ogling, I would say today) 

One time we wandered with another shipmate and  were invited into a bar by a Japanese guy who wanted to buy us drinks. After I while we figured out he was gay and wanted to have some kind of orgy with the three of us! He could only speak a kind of pidgin English so we made plans right in front of him. First Ron would say he was going to the can. then he would wait outside while I did the same thing. We decided to get away from there, leaving the shipmate to fend off the guy. We found a bar, sat at the window and just managed to see our friend run by followed by the Japanese guy a few minutes later. We couldn’t find our friend and he later told us that he too had hidden in a bar.

to be continued..