“David’s gigantic, rousing bronze monument to Jean Bart (1650–1702), a French naval commander and privateer. Bart raises his sword (lost) as he tramples an enemy cannon at his feet. His sailor’s costume whips and curls in the wind, producing an energetic surface and delineating a human form that deviates from the idealized proportions of the classical nude body. David’s monuments were intended to educate and inspire and drew upon nationalism and local pride. The Jean Bart monument was erected in the privateer’s native Dunkirk, its inauguration on September 7, 1845, attended by a crowd of thousands. The statue continues to play a central role in that city’s annual civic rituals.”

Heading back to England then Canada. Think I grew up on this trip (at least came to my senses). We saw no other Canadians on the road. Yet we were treated with respect by the whole European community. I know they found us ‘odd’ but we were accepted. (Actually after close to 60 years later I find the whole adventure ‘odd’.)