Caught the plane. Had just enough money to get to Montreal where we had planned on hiring a car and driving home. Found a dealer who shipped cars to Vancouver. The deal was the only thing we paid for was the gasoline. (and any repairs that were needed along the way)
The car was a Chevy Supersport (Very powerful which was its only redeeming feature).

We thought we had enough money to get to Vancouver. The car thought something else. The first time we stopped for lunch it wouldn’t start. We managed to get a jump from another patron. Took the car into a repair garage and were told that the generator needed replacing and would cost much dollars. Nope!
We decided to drive all the way to the west coast without turning the engine off. One of us would sleep in the back seat while the other drove. Seemed to work except the gas this monster used. We had to keep the engine running while gassing up. Had to explain the problem every time. [Gas jockeys don’t like running cars next to their pumps.] Ran out of money somewhere near Winnipeg. Jo phoned her ex boyfriend and asked for money. What a good guy-sent the money right away.

I remember driving the prairies at night, Jo asleep in the back. I was beginning to hallucinate. [Sleeping in a moving car was impossible for me} The road was straight and narrow. uncomplicated except I began to imagine trees leaning over me like I was driving through the woods. It wasn’t so and it didn’t slow me down. Could this car ever go! Somewhere along the way another car decided to follow me so closely I realized that he was ‘drafting’ me. Staying so close that my car would pull him along. We used to do this with big transport trucks-very dangerous.

I didn’t mind. It was company! His headlights bothered me so I turned the rear view mirror so he could see what I could see. He turned his lights off! After a hundred miles or so he pulled of into a small town. Honked his horn, goodbye.
The first and only speeding ticket I got entering a small town in BC (Can’t remember the town). I was still speeding and had to tell the cop who stopped me that I couldn’t turn off the car motor. He grimaced, then wrote out the ticket.

Fraser Canyon

Clear sailing all the way to the city. Two and a half days from Montreal to Vancouver! Beat that!

Hit Vancouver Sept. 1965

The inevitable happened in Vancouver. Everybody wanted to celebrate our marriage!

Jo’s sister Anne, Ike Shulman, Heidi (Ron’s first wife), don’t know who the kid was.


Chinese lamp-lasted for quite a while then fell apart.

That was it. Time to get normal…

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