Albert Savoie Interviewed By Joane Humphrey 1972

Bob has graciously allowed me to find a home for this interview here on his blog. Bob knew my aunt, Joane Humphrey, whose radio pen name was J. J. McColl, from early days, and shares some lovely photos of her elsewhere on the blog.

I was recently able to purchase a reel to reel tape recorder in good condition and began digitizing a big box of tapes that Joane, a broadcaster, had sequestered in the loft of the cabin she left us (nephews and a niece) when she passed in 2008. Among this treasure trove of audio was a recording of an interview she did with Albert Savoie in 1972 discussing his long life on the sea especially as builder and operator of Hornby’s early ferries. This is a very gently edited (for clarity) version of the audio recording.

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Joane Humphrey Interview With Albert Savoie 1972

Ron Matson, Joane Humphrey-1979

Ebb and Flow-pg.63

Water Lily

Ebb and Flow-pg65-Albert retires



3 thoughts on “Albert Savoie Interviewed By Joane Humphrey 1972”

  1. Thanks for the great interview and the photos. Albert was quite the guy. Nice to hear Joanne as well. Lots of memories.

  2. Wow! It’s so wonderful to hear them both! Fabulous interview.
    Such important historical information and deep gratitude is owed to Albert Savoie for his dedication, ingenuity, and expertise.
    I cherish a very early memory of being ushered off the 6 car ferry dramatically by Leo —like a toreador (timed perfectly with a swell, to avoid slipping into ‘the drink’’) That was back when the old road from Shingle Spit to Fords Cove was still open, and we would turn right to drive to Downes Point.

  3. Great interview! My first trip was in 1970 and Albert was the captain. Quite a trip! In 1972 when I brought the moving van to Hornby I was told to drive on to the Denman Ferry fast and jam on the brakes. This allowed the ferry to slip off the concrete.

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