5 thoughts on “Workshop”

  1. What a great score! I loved that mural (wasn’t there someone peeing behind a tree?) and David’s art.

  2. Bob, the mural came down in panels. It was leaned up against David’s abode where some others deemed it unsightly, perhaps even perverted. David became so distraught that he tried to move the panels. Somehow the panels fell over and were in chunks on the ground. Not much to be salvaged but David knew I loved the blue boy, gave it to me with detailed framing instructions. It will go to the boy, now man, when I am knocking on heaven’s door. The scene portrayed was one of David’s family.

  3. I asked someone why it was wrecked and was told that the mural couldn’t be taken down in one piece because of the glue that was used.

  4. I have another fragment of the preschool mural. Your picture is of the man who pushed the wheel barrel, but I imagine you know that.

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