Taking the Laundry to Town

Jimmy  Armstrong and Jan Wood/ 1977.

She  instigated the phrase ‘Taking the Laundry to town”.  She told folks that that was what she was doing. She never came back! Husband (Vic Wood not Jimmy) was totally surprised. For years it was a term to describe an immanent breakup. Kinda like the term “Going outside to push a truck”. Which was the original intent except that those helping smoked a few joints. So, the saying indicated that smoke was available and happening outside. I remember one time the term was used and a number of visitors got up to help. They were confused when told that the truck was ok and no need to help.

3 thoughts on “Taking the Laundry to Town”

  1. Bob, you do still have a good memory for people and their comments. Keep it coming pls!

  2. Working on a roof on a new adobe house in the desert south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A car rolls up in a cloud of dust. Out steps a pretty blond with a six-pack of Corona under one arm. “Is Tom in?” she hollers upwards. “He’s not here, but he’ll be back in a little while. ” She left the six pack & a note on a stack of adobe bricks & roared away off into the desert. When Tom returned he told me that she was the woman he bought the property with. One day she took the laundry to town & fell in love right there in the laundromat . She never came back. Perhaps quantum physics can explain what happens when a woman goes to a laundromat. Ask Dolly Parton. She met a guy in front of a laundromat when she arrived in Nashville as a sparkly teenager. Still married to the guy!

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