Ginger Slade

This was the year,1975, we were paving Central Road. Getting our gravel from the pit on Strachan Road we would drive right by the Co-op corner. Ginger Slade decided to take advantage of the traffic and opened her ‘Takeout’. All the truck drivers and machine operators would stop for lunch. Her Hamburgers were a favourite. Of course she operated without a license or health inspection but she seemed to fly under the radar and managed to serve food all summer long.


3 thoughts on “Ginger Slade”

  1. Think that saying was on the door of the Buckly Bay store when Kate Sutherland had the store. And no breast feeding of babies in the store.

  2. I remember that strip of asphalt in front of her food truck, it is still there. Perhaps the highway’s peeps gifted that to her to keep the dust down.

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