1996-Dream Team prepares for the big match.

Bill Smith, Bob Cain, Jerry Pethick, Tom Burrows

The Dream Team wins a prize! (for taking the longest to go around the course)

Didn’t help when, frustrated, Tom threw his clubs into the pond. Took a while to fish them out and continue.

5 thoughts on “Golf”

  1. I seem to remember that only Tom had ever played a game of golf before. And it was reallllly hot. And we thought it might be 2 or 3 hours. And no one took water. And I think it was a mickey of rye and no one really liked it. And it was 7 or 8 hours!! And thats all the 4 had to drink.Cant remember the name of the person i was sitting next to at the awards. She kept saying” they’re joking aren’t they”.

  2. Jerry carried some Scotch. It was a great day. Lots of laughter. We had those buckets of balls and ended up with none.

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