View from my Hotel Room.

I came back from one of those long walks with Pethick. My feet were aching and my head hurt. I got to my room and there were a couple of young ladies changing the bedding and cleaning. I needed a drink I went to my stash and grabbed a bottle of Scotch and started drinking. The girls giggled.  Monsuir Where are you from. (French but I understood what she was saying). ‘Canada!’ Oh oui but Canadians speak French, Pourquio don’t you?

Meanwhile they were eying my drink so I offered them a shot. Oui, oui. They took the drinks and still looked quizzically at me. I told them the distance between Vancouver and Quebec (the French province) was about 5000 km. They accepted that I was some kind of Englishman, finished their jobs, finished their drinks. Au Revoir!

One thought on “Paris-1983”

  1. oh i loved this photo !
    it reminded me of our time in Paris
    and such a cute story !
    thanks Bob

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