Jack Wasserman? let me tell you a story…Pretty sure it was 1963. Ron and I headed downtown to see the aftermath of the Greycup. BC lost! There was a kind of riot (nothing like today’s riots but rambunctious enough) As we were walking along Georgia street Ron was almost hit by a water balloon. We were in front of the Georgia hotel and , looking up we could see where the balloon came from; a party about 6 stories up. Ron was incensed.(he was quite a scrappy guy in his teenage years) Dashing down the alley he was able to climb some boxes and grabbed the bottom ladder of the fire escape. Up he went (I followed, what else could I do?) We entered the party and Ron started yelling at people. Jack Wasserman was there and recognized Ron (He and Ron’s dad were great friends) Jack came over and spoke to us. He said that someone had called the cops and we should get out. Caution took over from valour and we went back down the fire escape. In Jack’s column next day he castigated the ‘Thugs’ that crashed his party. Didn’t mention that he knew who we were. I suppose in deference to Ron’s dad.