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Backhoe Life

After I quit the highways job I worked Dave Colley’s backhoe for a couple of years. Then I ran Ted Wadland’s machine for quite a while. I began advertising in the First Edition using some skills I’d learned in a former life. Anybody out there remember Letraset?

Ted and I had a good relationship. Each day after I drove into the yard finished work Jean Wadland would fix me a nice gin and Tonic. Ah, those were the days!


Backhoe Life

I took the job that George Cowie offered and soon learned to operate all kinds of equipment; dumptruck, grader, backhoe, shovel. That’s Henry Yaeger looking on. In the early years I was laid off in the winters and ran Henry’s Backhoe occasionally (the one he bought from Larry Smith-Larry gave me my first lessons on the backhoe)

I’m pretty sure this photo was taken when we were improving the parking situation in Ford Cove.