So..I quit university, packed my things,(including and enlarger and everything necessary to print pictures)headed to downtown Vancouver and caught a bus to Montreal. I have no personal record of the date but did see a huge meteor streak across the northern sky the first night on the bus.
This from a newspaper report at the time.
“I looked up from my bedroom window and saw it so I ran out to the kitchen, and there was just this ‘boom,boom,boom,boom’ across the sky. It seemed to go on forever, which was probably only a matter of seconds. Freaks you out when you’re a little kid.”
march 31/1965

I have never been able to go to sleep easily so it wasn’t until my second night on the bus that I finally dozed off. “You sure can snore” said my seatmate the next morning.

When I got to Montreal my plan was to search for a freighter going to England and sign on but I was too impatient and immediately booked a flight to London.

There were two comfortable seats on either side. Lots of legroom . Economy class! Luxury compared to today’s planes. Also I smoked at the time (Cigarillos) so I contentedly puffed with no complaints from anyone. In fact most of the people on the plane smoked.
However, it was a long flight I think over 7 hours.
I landed and took a cab to Jo’s address. Big surprise in store!

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