2 thoughts on “Christmas Concert 1980”

  1. His back and expanding bald patch! More good memories remembering almost all of these young singers. Thanks, Bob, and festive greetings to you & yours.

  2. so many faces!left to right.Chad Smiths hair, Aaron(Wallace)Martirano-eyes/hair, Latigo Biggins-above,Corey Harrison standing back left,Tomi Grieve to Aarons right/above, Jessie Harrison to his right, Yana Pethick above Jessie, Ben…..Mr Gs left elbow, Kate Chambers(eyes/hair) behind him, Josh Spears standing back row, Stephen Stonehouse standing next to him, Anna Colin-Mr Gs right elbow, Carolyn Schneider behind her, Jacyn Strachan behind her, Anita Woods behind Jacyn on far right.

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