2 thoughts on “Christmas Concert 1980”

  1. so many faces!left to right.Chad Smiths hair, Aaron(Wallace)Martirano-eyes/hair, Latigo Biggins-above,Corey Harrison standing back left,Tomi Grieve to Aarons right/above, Jessie Harrison to his right, Yana Pethick above Jessie, Ben…..Mr Gs left elbow, Kate Chambers(eyes/hair) behind him, Josh Spears standing back row, Stephen Stonehouse standing next to him, Anna Colin-Mr Gs right elbow, Carolyn Schneider behind her, Jacyn Strachan behind her, Anita Woods behind Jacyn on far right.

  2. His back and expanding bald patch! More good memories remembering almost all of these young singers. Thanks, Bob, and festive greetings to you & yours.

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