4 thoughts on “Christmas Concert 1980”

  1. Back Row-Matisse?, Linda Stonehouse?, recognize but forget the third’s name, Shawn, Who is under the cap?, Jason Strachan, Josh Spears on the end (part of him),
    Second Row: Chad, Chris, Gailan, Petra, Boy looking away?, Thomasina, Yana, Carolyn, Dylan, Anna,
    Front Row: Brett, Gina Stonehouse, Stacey Edwards peeking through, Heeson, Tim, Blonde boy? Two Boy, Jessie, Nataunis (sp?), Ben.

    If this was Christmas 1980 it would have been my first class but I think it may be Christmas 1979.

  2. This is #52 film I took in 1980 so I’m pretty sure that’s the year this photo was taken. Maybe Dave Gerow can re-affirm the year.

  3. Not Anna in this photo but Chanace Van Der Hide, and blondie boy? is Micha VanDer Hide.
    Anna is in the next two photos.

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