North Van

Art Grice, Hornby/1972

Art and Emily Grice walked into Focus Prints in 1970. ¬†They were American and had just moved to Vancouver where he hoped to set up a professional photography business. We remain friends to this day. Art and Emily moved back to the States (Bainbridge Island) in the 70’s.

I really did like walking across the bridge.

Danny Murphy, Ron Shulman/1971

The North Van house had three bedrooms so there was always room for friends.

Mary and Dave Welsh visited often/1971

A dog’s Life/1971. Yes, that’s the famous bathtub.

3 thoughts on “North Van”

  1. Flashes from the past.,,Crazy Mary who finally pierced my ears, Danny Murphy(I wonder what ever happened to him) and Ron Schulman who died far too young.

  2. We were at your place in Prince George when we saw the last of Danny.He was heading north totally unprepared for the cold (slippery city shoes)

  3. I had never seen these pictures Bob, Ron was a beautiful man. I am so happy you are sharing, thank you.

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