Quitting Time

I was too busy. Working late at night. Working on weekends. Marriage beginning to unravel. Worst of all I was losing my enchantment for photography.Just about played out I told Glenn I was going to quit in a year. He made a condition that I write down everything I knew, all the techniques, of the business. And,oh yes, we were about to have a baby!

Annette Shaw celebrates Fraser’s birth./1971

Fraser and Dick/1971

Fraser sees Hornby for the first time.

Fraser and Joane/1971

Hal Arnold/1972

Glenn Startup/1972

We all end up on the beach.

5 thoughts on “Quitting Time”

  1. Great photos Bob—that one of my sister Joane is outstanding but so is the one of Glenn….and the others too.

  2. Joane is such a beauty. This work series really resonated with me as well Bob because my very first job, summer grade 10, was bicycle deliveries for a stat house in downtown Toronto called Artistat. I imagine if we hadn’t left Vancouver I might have ended up working for Glenn myself!

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