Barb Vanderhiede-Hornby Fair parade 1984

Those years the island was infatuated with horses . Barb was mostly responsible for this phenomena. These years the island is infatuated with dogs. I much prefer the former infatuation. At least horses don’t challenge you on the beaches or the trails. Also,they leave a much fresher and relatively odorless calling card.

One thought on “Prancing”

  1. I remember the occasion well too. Some smart aleck put the horses right behind the fire truck. Emily had to turn up the Geppert driveway as her horse was going crazy. As you can see, Barb’s horse isn’t any too happy either. Barb is a terrific horsewoman still, I am sure. Beautiful ability to sit a horse well. I believe the horse behind Barb’s is Pork Chop, Nikki Graham’s horse. He doesn’t seem to care. Nikki had island kids use him for years, under Barb’s supervision, of course.

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