Back to Work


I worked in Concrete on the Dam. The first day they had me sling a huge vibrator around. I was sweating so much that another worker looked over at me and said “Jeez, you sure are soft!”

It took about a week to become unsoft. 1966

7 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. Wait a minute-Fraser resembles me! not the other way around. I was here first!
    I was into my 2nd year when I got homesick and quit. Not the first job I’ve quit and not the last.

  2. You and Fraser looked so much alike at that age, did he get the name Fraser from working up there?

  3. Those old brutes were really heavy..took a lot of “unsoft” to throw them’d laugh at the ones the use now,much lighter..Do you have any shots of the pours?Some of them were huge,thousands of yards and would go on for 3 or 4 shifts

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