They flew us up in those old reliable DC3’s. From Vancouver to Hudson Hope you flew through mountains. No, not over-through. These planes couldn’t fly high enough. Once I looked out the window and saw a bear on the sidehill. God’s Truth.

Leaving Hudson Hope one time the pilot roared down the runway then jammed on the brakes. He sped the opposite way and hit the brakes again! Finally the third run had us lifting into the sky. The guys on the other side of the plane were clapping. I was confused. I asked the flight attendant what that was all about? “Oh,” she said ” the pilot was just trying to get the port engine going.”

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  1. Now those were the real deal,loved those planes,they were cold and way noisy but you sure could see some detail below you..very cool about the bear ! Keep em coming Bob, I’m loving this run

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