Bennett Dam

The dam on a Sunday (click on the above to find out what the fuss was all about). With all the machines and trucks parked neatly. That’s the future Williston Lake behind. The Safety regulations were strict. I saw a man fired because he left a board with the nails sticking up. In the ten year construction thousands of workers (mostly men) were employed.

One thought on “Damn”

  1. I would like to one day go back there and take the tour through the powerhouse..one of the “kids” I was just working with at Kitimat flew over the Dam a couple months ago in a chopper on his way to another job and was telling me all about it and how blown out he was by the sheer size of it….”holy S…”he said when I told him I’d worked there “you really are old !!”..punk..(:
    speaking of beer,I’m back on island Thirstday.see ya then

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