Yup, this was where we lived. Two men to a room. The peak year saw 5000 men in this camp alone.(one of three camps) In the centre you can see the Cookhouse. We had to make our own Lunches. I’ve never seen so much food. And it was good, too. There were very few complaints about meals.

One of those trailers was used as a kind of entertainment centre where there were TV’s and tables for poker games. Story was told of a not-much-of-a-cardshark  who after staring miserably at the fortune he’d just lost sitting in the middle of the table grabbed the bundle and ran out the door and up and over the hill before anybody could move. He was never found(lucky for him).

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  1. Yeah, I remember him. He’d wrapped himself around a post. We could hear him yelling all over the site.

  2. How about the Portugese guy who refused to believe the job was over and then had to be forcefully removed as they wanted to start taking the camp out..some funny stuff went on there

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