My Ride

Pretty sure it’s a 1955

Some people don’t believe I owned a Cadillac. Here it is. That’s Edgar in the back. It was a trade. I had  a Mercury Pickup which I didn’t like very much and the Cadillac owner desperately needed a truck so it was a straight across trade. Really fun to drive. Cadillac was determined to stay ahead of the competition so it had power seats and other design goodies at least 2 years ahead. (gas guzzler,but who cared in those days) Unfortunately the muffler was fried and a cop pulled me over, gave me a ticket. Then this arrived in the mail.

Cadillac days were over. I sold it just before moving to the island. The Chevy truck on the left is what we used to move. It’s still here! If you walk the big Tree trail to the school house you’ll see it rusting  on the side of the road.

2 thoughts on “My Ride”

  1. two adults, two toddlers in diapers, no car seats, no seat belts, 5 speed shift,long supply lists,(and not much $$),and probably the laundry. Was that on the Lorraine II? oh the good old days

  2. I definitely remember that Chevy truck, mainly Jo driving the little boys and I to town, harrowing day of getting through our lists at top speed.

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