2002 Joe King Ballpark

Another old friend, Jim Richardson, has died. I hadn’t heard nor seen him in a few years when, out of the blue, he called me about two weeks ago. He wanted to chat and, also, tell me about an album he was listening to. “The essential Fleetwood Mac, World’s all in a tangle”. He insisted I download and listen to it. (I didn’t). We talked for a while. He told me he was residing in an assisted living home and it was costing him thousands per month. Jim was a great volunteer at Joe King. When he was on the board I called him The Minister of Umbrage as he was always upset about something. Goodbye old friend RIP.

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  1. Hi folks … rcain photos .. there are several b&w in his collection I’ve seen by you.
    Jim sold his house in Nanaimo in June/July and moved to a condo in Victoria intending to be the somewhat consort of Spinnakers Brewpub and other grandiose plans. Unfortunately in reality he slipped through the cracks (with vascular dementia and an unethical realtor imo) and in less than 3 days he was admitted to hospital and finally diagnosed properly.
    Several months later he was in an assisted living place near the armoury on Douglas St for 2 weeks when he fell and was readmitted until I and another friend, Clarence, took on his move back to Nanaimo. He succumbed to a combination of his latent CLL and vascular dementia rather fast from Jan to last week.
    !!Rest assured, friends and acquaintances, 2 weeks ago he could rastle up some umbrage about the price of a hospital bed, and he wanted a beer, (2 actually) and his hairdresser’s phone number so he could take her to lunch! I wish I could have dropped him off on Hornby for a last hurrah but he did want to treat his friends to a drink and some food so come to Longwood this Saturday or stay tuned for Jimbo’s goodbye part 2 tba. XO M

  2. I really liked being on that BoD for HIAA with Jim in the early aughties (with you too, Bob). Yes, I too recall him always being upset about something that wasn’t right, he was a great one for calling out BS.

  3. although we were not friends, he always greeted me with such friendly openness… always willing to chat, tell a story, share a laugh. a good spirited soul who will be missed.

  4. Jim told me alot about the history of the ballpark. Even the trees had a significance.

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