House Fire


So…you thought the story of my fireplace was done? Think again.

This was my first house fire as a member of the Fire Department. The Flavelles didn’t have a phone so when they discovered the fire the kids ran down to the Shingle Spit Resort to call the fire department. By the time we got there the house was fully involved. Unfortunately the fire truck driver was in a bit of a fluster and when he tried to get the pump going he forgot to use the clutch and broke the connection between the engine and the pump.

Luckily we were followed by a pickup with a portable floating pump on board. The boys got it into the ocean and we started spraying the house. Too late, though and all we could do was save the trees and outbuildings.

This is where my heatilator came from. I believe it was the kitchen fireplace. Don Nixon was selling stuff from the house that had survived and I bought the stove from him. (A mistake).

2 thoughts on “House Fire”

  1. When I first moved to Hornby some thirty years ago I did not understand the different rates of ignition for different kinds of wood. Cedar was the enemy. So two stove fires in a very short period. The fireman who attended the second event decided I should be awarded “frequent fire points”.

  2. so, we can deduce from this saga that it would not be a good
    idea to buy a used fireplace from don nixon. i will endeavour to
    see that this information is posted on social media

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