Moving mountains

Building the Peace River dam/1966


The Bennett dam (Peace River dam) was so huge! The conveyor belt, some three miles was said to be the longest in the world.. Workers had to monitor it closely and get rid of any stuff caught in the rollers. That’s where the guy got his long hair caught. I worked underground for a large part of the time. Had to go and clear out the area in the spillway where the roof fell in on some poor guy. You were supposed to wear a safety strap whenever in a dangerous place. One worker, at the top of one of those penstocks tried switching his strap to move to another part, missed and fell down the opening, killed him. Gord was working at the bottom where the guy ended up. Not pretty.


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  1. I’m enjoying these series of photos from your early days, Bob. And a nice record of a long term friendship

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