Landed in London then took a taxi to Jo’s address. She wasn’t there but Midge was. They were sharing a flat with two other girls.
I waited ’til Jo came home from work. Surprise, surprise!

I stayed with them until Midge told me that the other girls resented my presence. I went looking for a place to rent. Ended up in Notting Hill being interviewed by a mother and daughter.

This is the street where my flat was located.

It was at this time I noticed that Canadians had no recognizable status in England. I got the same attitude from upper, middle, and lower classes. I kind of bemused reaction as if they didn’t know where I belonged in the hierarchy. After a while I learned to use this to my advantage. My future landlady and her daughter told me the price and expected me to argue. They were stupefied when I told them the price was fine and I’d like to pay three months in advance! Astonished silence. Then  they asked me where I worked and, once again, were amazed that I didn’t have a job.

One day  the lights went out in my building. The landlady called me from the ground floor.  “You’re an American you can fix the power” I said I’d have a look. It was a hodgepodge of circuits. I told her I didn’t have the slightest idea how to fix it, oh and besides “I’m Canadian”.

Jo began spending time in my room and at one point asked me to marry her! Big plans from hereon in.

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