Time to buy a car. The plan was to get married and then tour Europe. Midge wanted to come along and we agreed because we could use the extra money. We were all friends so…why not.

First time driving in London I drove right through the center of town on the way home. Lots of nervous sweat as I had to remember to drive on the wrong side of the road.

Fordson- driving on the left side.  I know it was a mistake to buy it but this car did a lot of hard work for us.

We draped a sheet over the front door and took photos for passports. This was  where my enlarger and developing brickbat came in handy. I was able to develop and print in my room as long as it was night.

OK! A few more days in London and we were on our way.

I’m not sure about other programs but on Windows you can click on the picture and ‘open in new tab’. The print will show original size.

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