I knew that, back home, any wedding would have taken place in a church with a huge party afterwards. This was one way of avoiding that. Jo’s Aunt and Uncle attended. Her uncle was an ex-bank manager and one of their sons was a university student. He and some friends took me out to have some beers (bunch of upper middle-class fops. oops!)
They were amazed when I pulled out a huge wad of cash when it was my turn to buy a round. Got lots of admiration.

Midge with Jo’s aunt. 1965

Jo’s uncle and oneĀ  of her room mates. I think she was the girlfriend of Mick Jagger who I met one night at their flat. 1965

I started writing a daily post and this was June 11.

We had to wait until after June 1 as you couldn’t get married without parental consent before you were 21.

The morning of my marriage I went to a local barbershop and told them I was getting married. They were Italian and immediately became excited. They jumped all over me. Washed my hair, cutĀ  and styled it. And…for the first time in my life I was shaved with a straight razor. To top it off they wouldn’t let me pay!

These posts are very important as they bring back the memories and these days at this age nothing beats drowning ones self in 60 year old memories.

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