As we climbed the mountains into Switzerland the car kept burning out. Fortunately there were places on the road that we could pull over and let the damn thing cool down. Good views, though, of the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland was quite different from any other country we visited on this trip. The Swiss were a pathologically neat and clean. Once I parked with one of my tires touching the inclusive parking lines. More than one passerby pointed their fingers and shook their heads.

Staring at the car.

Jo and I were standing on the street when we noticed a bakery. We were admiring the good looking baked sweets in the window when one of the servers came out with two sugary buns. “For you” she said. Delicious! Apparently we looked looked poor hungry travelers.

Which we were.

Crossed the river and entered Germany.


3 thoughts on “Europe-11”

  1. Hi Gina
    The wood covered bridge is the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne. The other I’ll have to check my negs, stay tuned.

  2. Hi Bob, I’m loving this series so far – great photos and stories. I’m wondering if you could identify the locations, for instance the location of the lighthouse and the wooden structure across the waterway. Thanks for sharing your amazing life with us!
    – Gina

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