London 1965

London, monument to the Great fire

London Zoo


1965-London Underground, I grew to love this, the most efficient way of getting around in such a complicated city.


1965-Went shopping with Midge. I remember this is when she asked me if “I really wanted to get married?” I said yes.

I’m not sure about other programs but on Windows you can click on the picture and ‘open in new tab’. The print will show original size.



2 thoughts on “Europe-4”

  1. Ah Dave. Menage at trois! I know how much you like fantasy and speculation so I’ll just let you guess.

  2. So: Midge had been your girlfriend. Jo IS your girlfriend. Jo asked for your hand in marriage. Now Midge is asking if you “really want to get married”., Seems the 3 of you were very close.
    Was it a menage et trois or not?
    Hopefully, now, after the passage of many decades, this can be revealed, if it was. But, perhaps in those more innocent? times, it was all just friendships…nothing more.
    Very much enjoying your personal history here, Bob!

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