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My Ride

Pretty sure it’s a 1955

Some people don’t believe I owned a Cadillac. Here it is. That’s Edgar in the back. It was a trade. I had  a Mercury Pickup which I didn’t like very much and the Cadillac owner desperately needed a truck so it was a straight across trade. Really fun to drive. Cadillac was determined to stay ahead of the competition so it had power seats and other design goodies at least 2 years ahead. (gas guzzler,but who cared in those days) Unfortunately the muffler was fried and a cop pulled me over, gave me a ticket. Then this arrived in the mail.

Cadillac days were over. I sold it just before moving to the island. The Chevy truck on the left is what we used to move. It’s still here! If you walk the big Tree trail to the school house you’ll see it rusting  on the side of the road.

Quitting Time

I was too busy. Working late at night. Working on weekends. Marriage beginning to unravel. Worst of all I was losing my enchantment for photography.Just about played out I told Glenn I was going to quit in a year. He made a condition that I write down everything I knew, all the techniques, of the business. And,oh yes, we were about to have a baby!

Annette Shaw celebrates Fraser’s birth./1971

Fraser and Dick/1971

Fraser sees Hornby for the first time.

Fraser and Joane/1971

Hal Arnold/1972

Glenn Startup/1972

We all end up on the beach.

North Van

Art Grice, Hornby/1972

Art and Emily Grice walked into Focus Prints in 1970.  They were American and had just moved to Vancouver where he hoped to set up a professional photography business. We remain friends to this day. Art and Emily moved back to the States (Bainbridge Island) in the 70’s.

I really did like walking across the bridge.

Danny Murphy, Ron Shulman/1971

The North Van house had three bedrooms so there was always room for friends.

Mary and Dave Welsh visited often/1971

A dog’s Life/1971. Yes, that’s the famous bathtub.


So, this is  my sojourn into photography in the 1960’s. The highlighted texts are links. Just click on them to find out where I’m taking you. If you want to make a comment or see the comments just click on the title. If you missed the beginning go to and scroll back many days. 

So we were getting popular with artists and 4th avenue hippies. I took on many jobs which only could be done at night. (busy,busy) Here is one of two women that had a project and we worked well into the night producing it.

Tom Burrows, Roy Kiyooka 1993 at Joe King.

Roy Kiyooka had an art project called StoneDGloves involving  giant mounted photos of abandoned gloves during construction of the Tokyo Olympics.

StoneDgloves. Took six alnighters to do these.

I became friends with fellow photographer Rob Wood. We did a few projects together.

Madman meats the Madmen. Rob Wood confronts what I assume are Ad Executives.

Famous photographer, Bob Cain. Photo By Rob Wood/1970